Top 3 Motivational Books You Must Read

Top 3 Motivational Books You Must Read

Top 3 Motivational Self Help Books You Must Read. You know, if you need real world knowledge and motivation both together where will you get it?

The answer is simple, in books.

Top 3 Motivational Books You Must Read

So do you like to read. I think you came here it means chances are you like to read books otherwise you won’t even click this post.

So today i’m going to show you top 10 motivational self help books you must read before you die and they are Best Sellers.

Top 3 Motivational Books

1 – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Answer this one question to yourself – Are You Rich?

If the answer is “No”, if you’re answer is middle class or poor then this question have ever come to your mind, Why Rich Become More Rich and Poor Become More Poor and Middle Class Always Stay In The Middle.

The short answer is – their mindset.

The complete answer of this question is written in this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.


2 – Think And Grow Rich

The author of think and grow rich interviewed over 500 successful people including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison. And after interview Napoleon Hill found that there is a process of becoming successful. That is shared in the book “Think And Grow Rich”


3 – Think Like A Monk By Jay Shetty

In this book you can learn about how you can train your mind peace and purpose. Think like a monk shows how you can overcome negative thoughts and create your purpose. This book has excercises that reduces stress and improve your focus.

If you want your life to be peaceful, want more self discipline, want to be more focused then this book will help you a lot.

This book shows how monks think and what are Jay Shetty’s own experiences.


I recommend that you read all these books and if you want to buy these buy you can do it buy clicking on the book image or book name.

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